Friday, 2 November 2012

Unit 2: Environment_Project Concept

I have as my project core the 'Atomic Mesmerist'. There is a lot of potential with this mixture.

The fact that Atomic is used gives me an immediate leaning to the 1920's -1950's, one would imagine that any machine that could be built for the purposes of mind control would be powered in an atomic way. Or perhaps this conjures visions of a post-apocalyptic despot who rises to power in a world where the bomb has dropped.

Mesmerist conjures up some different images however. The very notion, whether it is achieved by hypnosis or charm is one that centers around control and therefore power. Given the turbulent political era of the atomic age, it is fair to suppose that anyone with this character's resources is part of either the Allied or Axis war machine. Given the nefarious nature of the 'science' it is not a huge leap of imagination to associate this type of technology with Nazi Germany.

In terms of the 'prop' I am leaning toward a device for mind manipulation. Whether the mesmerist has escaped the fall of the Reich, left to his own devices where he can plot and improve his dastardly machines to say, manipulate en-mass using television or mobile communication is unclear. Perhaps he is active in his period and trying to use more..far reaching methods. Scorching the sky to project upon as permanent night canvas or perhaps using kaleidoscopic means to place a mesmerizing projection on say, the Moon? I quite like this last idea actually. It seems just crazy enough to have once been thought plausible.

My concepts started in quite a crude fashion as the next images show...

From these very basic ideas of Aerials and 'Death Rays' I refined the core and applied a little common sense and faux engineering to end up with these ideas.

Combining these ideas led me to the following concept. A vehicle which has mobility, uses refraction to throw an image at a surface hundreds or perhaps thousands of miles away.