Friday, 16 September 2011

Back again.

Right, as you can see from the pictures of posted works that I didn't complete the project. The reasons for this are irrelevant and do not belong.

I did however, get a good feel for the brief and I believe produced some interesting images. Mostly "life form" based. I lacked the time to further explore the areas of "structure" and "machine", and as you can see there were several objects that were not re-concieved.

Seeing my peers present their works was very interesting for me -as other artists work always invokes interest- mostly because of the looseness of their thumbnails. It has always been a habit of mine to over complicate and over detail that which should be quick and fluid. Along with habitual laziness and poor time keeping this is a trait that I look forward to exterminating.

Based on the work I did produce I would probably make "Scissorpipebulbataur", "Two Shoe Suspension Bridge" and "Smileybomber" the final pieces I would produce turnarounds and final images on.

Have a pleasant Weekend one and all.

Right! Proper blogging then.

Okay, a brief post earlier left me with the need to revisit and explain many of the decisions that led to the work you can see (potentially, assuming I haven't naused it up).

Hang on, gotta go...The Gomm cometh.

Thank the maker! I finally figured out how to post pictures!

First thoughts, concentrating on the living forms

 Quite proud of this one, combination of pipe section, scissors and light bulb

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A productive day and nights doodling with much more to do. If only my Technotardness wouldn't prevent me from scanning them on.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Planet Monkfish Episode 1: A New Hope

First day, colleagues and staff met. Summer project recieved and the thought process begins... this space.