Friday, 16 September 2011

Back again.

Right, as you can see from the pictures of posted works that I didn't complete the project. The reasons for this are irrelevant and do not belong.

I did however, get a good feel for the brief and I believe produced some interesting images. Mostly "life form" based. I lacked the time to further explore the areas of "structure" and "machine", and as you can see there were several objects that were not re-concieved.

Seeing my peers present their works was very interesting for me -as other artists work always invokes interest- mostly because of the looseness of their thumbnails. It has always been a habit of mine to over complicate and over detail that which should be quick and fluid. Along with habitual laziness and poor time keeping this is a trait that I look forward to exterminating.

Based on the work I did produce I would probably make "Scissorpipebulbataur", "Two Shoe Suspension Bridge" and "Smileybomber" the final pieces I would produce turnarounds and final images on.

Have a pleasant Weekend one and all.


  1. Hello Mr Simon Monkfish! I'm Ollie, a returning first year (the epitome of how not to spend your first year!) I wouldn't worry over much about the summer project, it's mostly a test to see how you apply your mind to a brief. Just remember to be free with your pencil/preferred medium! There's no such thing as a bad drawing when you're thinking up concepts!

    You'll see me loitering in your classes in the next unit ;)


  2. Hey Simon,

    It's gone a bit quiet on here of late - everything okay? There doesn't appear to be any Anatomy related stuff on here yet - hope you're not hiding yourself away or censoring your work... you don't have to, you know. Get your work updated - you don't want to fall behind; even at this early stage it can create big problems. I look forward to seeing some hybrid action on here asap...

  3. 03/10/11 OGR

    Okay Simon - as I suspected - 'Houston, we have a problem' - you'll be contacted by Jackie to arrange a time to meet up with me so we can have a chat in regard to how you're finding things so far.

    Speak soon.