Wednesday, 9 November 2011

T Pit and the Pendulum Concept Thumbnails

PitPen Concept Thumbnails


  1. I recorded myself reading both stories as a way to listen to them whilst still working. If anyone would like a copy let me know. If anyone can tell me how I upload onto the blog, even better.

  2. OGR 09/11/2011

    Hi Simon,

    You didn't attend your tutorial today... and this is not quite an OGR as requested. Please, you're continuing to have some private, imaginary, pick-n-mix engagement with the course - it's not conducive to success - as you must already now.

    In terms of your thumbnails, I like the dramatic views looking down, especially the one on page 2, and I like the theatricality of the armchairs + shadows + fireside from Usher, but I'd like you to embrace the overwrought theatrical character of the prose a bit more and also enjoy the a bit of artistic license. It would be good to see you folding in more detail into both scenes, even if you have to pinch descriptions from different sections - your job is to get these spaces ready for a new CG animation, so stylisation and expressionism could be heightened. For a great example of an environment-based transcription of Poe, check out this wonderful animation.

    I think you need to be bolder, more avant-garde even in the first instance, and then dial back the results until you arrive at good compromise between 'cg' and Poe.

  3. *must already know* - apologies.

  4. Simon - could you email me at to reassure me about your intentions in regard to the course. Experience suggests you're exiting - as you've certainly disengaged from the whole process. If I was assessing right now, there is no way your 'creative development' would satisfy the criteria, not only in terms of content, but in terms of your 'project management' and professionalism. If there's a particular problem I should know about, do let me know. If not, and you're in fact in the business of making up your mind that this experience is not for you, I suggest you email me anyway and we can begin to formalise your decision. For the record, Simon, I'm worried about your engagement and your ability to pass this unit.

    For you info: