Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ho Ho Hoeth

Evening everyone, I trust Santa brought you all you wanted.

I'm currently working through building my scene, or at least component parts of it, furniture etc. I shall post pics when I have finished items to show.

I'm struggling to find the root of my scene. That is, I'm in a directionless state, clearly in need of more research, but aware of the fact that I need to be producing, whilst still attempting to distill das unheimlich.

Phil suggested I combine my efforts for Unit 3 with the resubmissions required for Unit 2. With that in mind I intend to use elements from my 'Fall of the House of Usher' resub as the basis of my Unit 3 Matte painting.

Thanks to my beautiful Rosie for the ability to bring this message to you using the wonders of t'internet.

The introduction for my essay will be posted soon. I think an interesting tack might be to dissect films (not from the unit 3 series) that have, for me, found their uncanny. Try to ascertain what it is that gives the elements of that illusive and fragile communication. In doing so I hope to find inspiration for my scene.

As ever, all enquiries and criticisms are most welcome.

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