Friday, 30 December 2011

Re House of Usher Unit2/3 project concepts.

Well, 2011 is weary and ready to shed it's skin. I trust all revellers have plans in place (or at least experienced enough to realise that on this, above all occasions, pre planning is an utter waste of time).

I digress, as I am won't to do. The previous post of the 'Husher' image is nearing a point of realisation, this was just a quick paint job to free my hand up as much as anything else. Both my final Unit 2 and unit 3 pieces will have a more open, drawn back perspective showing the house in it's entirety.

I'm not sure if the image properly communicates the gist but I would like to give the impression (both in 2 and 3d) that the house is hewn from the living rock. When I have managed this I will try to install that sense of foreboding, or the uncanny if you will. Hopefuly I can do Poe justice.

As ever all comments and criticisms are welcome.


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