Tuesday, 11 October 2011

"I suggest a new plan...let the Wookie win."



  1. Hello Simon :) Firstly, I like the spines going over the centre of the head, they have a good characteristic about them ^ ^ The centered image on the first slide on the left (Hehe, think you need to start numbering your designs dude xD) has a very good appeal in terms of the startled element we've spoken about, I think humour is a major part of Simoleon. You're quite a tall fella so how about showing your whole body like the second slide portrays, perhaps sunbathing on a roof? OH! You're scavanging in an urban area right? Who else would do that? Hobo is a horrid term but to a comical effect to would be fighting yet after scavanger for some food like a chicken carcass :P Hehe, well there are my thoughts for the moment and I'll try and relay more soon :)

  2. Hey Si,

    Some great stuff here, particularly enjoy the centre pose of the second image, very 'action'. There are a few anatomical inconsistencies here though, it's unclear how your joints are working, particularly the hips/pelvis. Chameleon joints are much more angled than ours, and the back legs rotate in a completely different fashion. You may want to explore how much you're merging and changing, since at the moment it just looks a little broken!

    But your studies of human anatomy are definitely paying off, the poise of the spine and arms are looking brill!