Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Blogdump. All criticism welcome.



  1. Hey Simon,

    good - more creative traffic, and I like the spiky-headed study - has a nice b-movie feel somehow. But, I do have some style points that I hope you'll take constructively: it's great that you're reflecting on your work, but maybe a touch more professionalism in terms of tone? There's a certain larkiness could irritate someone looking to take you more seriously, so all I'm suggesting is that you develop a persona for presenting your work that keeps things friendly, but a bit more formal. Also, while it's great you're getting into this updating habit, I suggest you try and update 'little and often' and maybe refrain from referring to your work as 'blog-dump', as the associations are not good! :)

  2. Hello Simon! I agree with Phil, take more enjoyment in your work progression because the ideas you're producing are good! But the way, just as a reminder of the idea I gave you about the possible cyclops idea? Might be interesting to take the Chameleon 360 degree vision into an actually visual level? Like a bulbous bar of optics, stretching across your face :3 If you'd like a drawn example of this idea made I'll be more then happy to accommodate ^ ^

  3. Love the skeleton study on the last page, great to see!