Saturday, 12 January 2013

Storytelling Unit: Character ideas.

Following on from Phil's comments regarding my synopsis development I agree that the Warner Bros/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer route is the way to go.

This is a tried and tested format for protagonist and antagonist which creates wonderful motives and competitive nemeses to drive the story forward.

I'm reluctant however to mould my characters in the style of the more recognisable duo's

-Wile E Coyote / Road Runner

-Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd / Bugs Bunny

-Daffy Duck / Marvin the Martian

-Sylvester / Tweetie Pie (although this is so, so tempting)

-Tom / Jerry / Spike (again, very tempting)

I shall however be making a call to the ACME lunacy warehouses for some executive slapstick paraphernalia.

The way I see it the story will work well with three character components whether they be classic enemies, victims or generally unaware...

Spider / Fly / Frog 

Dog / Cat / Shopkeeper

Cat / Bird / Shopkeeper

Cat / Fish / Shopkeeper

Lizard / Locusts / Frog

Cat / Mouse / Snake

Character highlighted in red would receive the competitive, carnivorous intentions of the other two.

Character highlighted in blue would be oblivious to the murderous intentions of the other two.

Character underlined would have great 'helium balloon' potential.

Food for thought. As ever please offer feedback.

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