Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Thirty second Storyboard.

I have chosen from my tiny dvd collection Brian Singer's excellent 'Superman Returns'.

The question is, which thirty seconds?

The Plane rescue after the shuttle release.

Protecting the security guards and the bullet to the eye.

Saving Metropolis after the tremors, resulting in 'Atlas'.

Three fantastic scenes to be sure, all of which ably communicate the strengths of Supes.

Arguably the most intricate to storyboard would be the plane rescue. Tricky to communicate the motion and speed of the pursuit and the chaos inside the craft. Perhaps I shall be brave.

Great scene with the security guards. I don't think any other scene translates the awesome power of Superman better. Repeated large calibre rounds taken on the chest finished of with a 9mm shot fired point blank to the face. None of us can fly, or lift immense weight, we could all however be shot. Never before has invulnerability been communicated with such intensity.

Saving Metropolis? Wonderful scene, very busy and shows the full gamut of his power.

Decisions, decisions...

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  1. do the plane scene! I loved this bit in the movie - gave me goosebumps the first time I saw Superman back on the big screen!