Sunday, 1 January 2012

House of Usher exterior and preparatory studies

In Edgar Allen Poe's short story the House of Usher is the epitome of The Uncanny. The very few words used to describe this ancestral family home communicate a feeling of death, decay. There is something very clearly wrong, without any firm explanation of what that 'wrong' is.

Located on a glacial lake with a causeway leading to it. I want to give the appearance of the building to be imposing with a distinctly Gothic leaning. I also want the building to be hewn front the living rock, obsidian in appearance.

I am looking at rock formations, Gothic architecture and the concept art for 'The Dark Crystal'. The pencil sketches of the Skesis' castle and the images of the Dark Crystal itself are proving to be very useful.

Please enjoy the following images and let me know what you think.

And a Happy New year to one and all. May you achieve all you wish in the coming months.

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