Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Unit 3 Maya progress: House of Usher

These images show the next stages I am progressing through. I have heightened the building, added three steps to the front taking the front vectors of the bottom step and moved them to create the causeway. I then used a duplicated cylinder with a deformity at the top (under the causeway) to act as the causeways supporting struts. A slight rotation on each pillar should be interesting when the scene is lit and nearer completion.

I then deformed the buttresses to give a more rock-like appearance. I'm not happy with the two smaller buttresses at the front they just look odd at the moment, but the remaining three look pretty strong. I have a slight concern that I have deformed these smaller details to such an extent that i'll need to start afresh but ho hum.

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  1. Hey Simon, this is a VERY eccentric design - that's not a criticism, but remember, even though I suggested you converge Unit 2 & 3 for your own convenience in an attempt to get you quickly up-to-speed, your Unit 3 work does need to demonstrate an understanding of the 'uncanny', or at least acknowledge the spectrum of feeling that encompasses uncanny, ambiguity, creepy, cognitive dissonance etc. Just be a bit wary, for when things become too stylised, it is harder for them to be familiar, yet unfamiliar... also, I know that Simon H had some concerns re. your modelling, so I encourage you to seek him out very proactively on Friday.